Soham Kundu


the sea urchin


After his schizophrenic brother’s demise, Meer discovers a secret which bestows him with existential dread but also allows him to embark on a journey of self-discovery. While in mourning, he strikes an unlikely friendship with Abha, a deaf woman who deals with baggage from her past. 

The project was part of the  Munich Film Up & Pop Up Film Residency with took place in Paris over 3 weeks where it received mentorship from Philippe Barriere and support from Matthieu Darras, Iza Igel, Elena Diesbach and participants of the residency.

Previously it was presented at the B3 Beinnal of the Moving Image: Hessen Lab with Film London in Oct, 2022 and received supported from Sebaistian Stobbe.


Feature Film In-Development

Duration – 100 min

Language – Bengali, Bangal, Boro, ASL/BSL,  English

Filming Locations – Calcutta, India & Bangladesh

Genre – Drama, Coming of Age with elements of Mystery


Full Treatment available upon request.


Its 2005, Neela, a young mother in her 20’s, grapples with her ambition to become an actor, desire to find a genuine connection, expectations of her motherhood, in the span of one sunny day in Calcutta. 

Short Film In Script Stage

Producer- Taha Ismail 

Production Company : Collective Unconscious, UK

Duration – 15 min

Language – Bengali, English

Filming Locations – Calcutta, India


Set against the backdrop of an upper middle-class setting in Calcutta in early 2000’s, the film delves into the complexities of desire, identity, and societal expectations offering a compelling exploration of human emotions and struggles. This project is born out of a personal connection to my mother’s journey in the film industry and the sacrifices she has made in lieu with societal expectations. 

Script available upon request.

Maa Baba and the space b/w them

A young filmmaker returns home after 3 years of living abroad, to find inspiration within the familiar – his parents. It’s just that they separated a night before he left to pursue a new life.

The project was part of  Doc Commune 2023 by Public Service Broadcasting Trust of India.

Short Documentary in Pre Production

Duration – 15 min

Language – Bengali, English

Filming Locations – Calcutta, India


My inspiration is deeply rooted in my familial connections and personal experiences. Through the medium of moving images, I endeavour to contextualise my relationship with the parents. My parents have consistently nurtured my creative pursuits, and I often find the stories I wish to convey within my immediate surroundings, particularly within my family. They become not just the subjects but also collaborators and allies. Through ongoing research into ‘Auto-ethnography and cinema,’ I aim to redefine how filmmakers translate personal experiences into cinematic forms.


Demo Teaser