Soham Kundu


Like Smell of Smoke on Your Clothes

Visual Arts | 2023

LIKE SMELL OF SMOKE ON YOUR CLOTHES. comprises collages crafted from a collection of family images I had preserved prior to my departure from India in October 2020. They embody a series of internal monologues I engage in, infused with aphorisms drawn from popular culture. This project, emerging from within his family photographs, explore the intricacies and contours of heritage and moments of trauma in a thought-provoking “meme format,” where humour often becomes an instrument to both channel and articulate pain.

In these compositions, I candidly addres my fears, tears, and contemplations, often adopting a humorously dry tone. The process of constructing these collages was guided by an organic flow of consciousness, enabling the images themselves to articulate and evolve into their own unique forms over time. As I immersed himself in the visual narratives and family history, a sense of nostalgia and melancholia was evoked, revealing the evolution of memory over time. To lend a personal touch, I used my own handwriting was incorporated into the artwork.


Aesthetica Art Prize: Soham Kundu 

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